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Between father and son there is a bridge, which neither time nor death can shatter; each stands at one end needing to cross and meet. 
- Master Po

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- Master Kan
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Peter and Pop hugging
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FuFest 1998

Chris Potter 1999

CPals and Toronto 2000

CPals Invade Manhattan 2001

Bad Girls Tour (aka Canada Invasion 2002)

Bad Girls Tour 2004

The Fanfiction

Kung Fu - The Legend Continues

Dragonswing II
Unbroken Circle
Implicit Faith
Initiation Ride
Missing You
Secret Place
Dragon's Eye
Cherished Soul
Critical Cut
Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Not For a Minute
To Honor With Love

Small Comfort
Precious Moment
The Darkness of My Soul
The Picnic
Life's Miracle
Unsure Steps
Alternative Pathways
Sleepy Head 
A Happy New Year 
 White Fluff 
Gone Fishing

Easy Livin
Splish Splash 
What to Be Thankful For 
Something Wicked 
Quiet Musings
Taking the Time 
To Protect the Innocent 
Time for the Holidays 
My Son
When Thoughts Become Memories
The Case of the Missing Remote  

Another Memory
The Ring
The Longing
The Little Troublemaker


by Linda Schwartz and Alisa Joaquin:
One Wrong Move

Prodigal Son

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